National companies have proven that women’s products and services are best marketed and advertised in publications designed for women.

The Woman Today is a high-quality, glossy magazine targeting women 25-55 in the Twin Ports area. Your advertising dollar is maximized here by efficiently and effectively reaching the vast and lucrative women’s market.

The Woman Today is the premier regional bimonthly women’s publication in the Twin Ports area. With over 19 years in this marketplace, the magazine continues to have a broad-based appeal to women and their families year after year.

Always fresh, eye-catching, and captivating, The Woman Today features fascinating articles, vivid photography, and attention-commanding, strategically placed advertising that make it highly valued by both consumers and advertisers alike. We “talk” to women, however, our readers and advertisers indicate that men enjoy the magazine as well.

With 23,000+ eagerly anticipated copies out on stands in a vast network of businesses, The Woman Today readers choose for themselves the magazine they want to spend time reading and going back to time and time again.

Often imitated, but never duplicated, The Woman Today has the area’s largest circulation in the Twin Ports. The first, the best, the time-tested, The Woman Today is here today and will be here tomorrow for our readers, for our advertisers, and for our communities.

“I have had more compliments and positive feedback about this article than I ever imagined. It is clearly a publication that is read by many sectors of the community.” Pam Kramer, Executive Director Duluth LISC